So you want a vacation in Amsterdam?

The capital of the Netherlands is famous for its canals, fine art, and rich history. But it is also very crowded, expensive, and full with tourists looking to party.

Lucky for you, there is more to the Netherlands than Amsterdam. You can find the most interesting sites Around Amsterdam.

Learn from the locals

Hi, we’re Jan and Patrick. We are two Dutch locals living in the countryside around Amsterdam. And while we love the big city, we know a lot of great places around it which will interest you.

Jan in the keukenhof getting kissed by a statue
Patrick in Utrecht with the Dom tower on the background

Just follow us in our tour through the Netherlands. And we will show you how to have a cheap, interesting, and fun vacation in the true Dutch style.

Just a little ride away are the many attractions of the Netherlands, check out these items on this website:

Cities Around Amsterdam

Patrick at the gate to the city of Haarlem

Sure, Amsterdam is a great city. But did you know there are many cities in the Netherlands with the cute canals and gabled houses?

Check out these cities near Amsterdam. They are less crowded, and a short train ride from Amsterdam

The Countryside Around Amsterdam

Windmill in the countryside around Amsterdam

Windmills, flowerfields, and dikes, these are the famous attractions of the Netherlands.

Well, you won't find much of these in Amsterdam. So get out of the city and check the countryside in these regions of the Netherlands.

Find Dutch Culture Around Amsterdam

Tasting cheese at the market in Gouda

"Tulips from Amsterdam" says the song. Well, they are NOT from Amsterdam. Neither are the Dutch cheese or the windmills.

Read all about the many different Dutch Culture items and where you can find them in the Netherlands.

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