Looking for Amsterdam Beaches? Here are the best beaches in The Netherlands

Looking for Amsterdam Beach? Well, there is no beach in Amsterdam. But there are several beaches Around Amsterdam. Here, we'll show you the best beaches in the Netherlands.

Chilling on one of the beaches in the Netherlands

The Netherlands is a small country. With a long coastline at the Noordzee (North Sea).

But Amsterdam does not lie at that coastline. So there is no such thing as Amsterdam Beach, although some marketeers may tell you there is...

Lucky for you though, there are several beach resorts within an hour or so from Amsterdam. But they are very different from one another.

So have a look at our list of the best beaches in the Netherlands. Read what is special about each one, then decide which one you want to visit.

Zandvoort, the nearest beach to Amsterdam

Jan at the Beach in Zandvoort aan Zee

Zandvoort likes to present itself as Amsterdam beach, as it is the closest beach to Amsterdam.

As a result, Zandvoort is a crowded beach resort. But is it also the best?

Check out for yourself when you read our page about Zandvoort Beach.

Noordwijk Beach, the floral seaside resort

Posing with the Flower Queen of Noordwijk

Noordwijk aan Zee is not only a beach resort. It also lies close to the famous flower fields of Holland.

It is a popular beach resort for the Dtuch people, but not as crowded as Zandvoort.

Because of the many attractions, it is a great place to stay for a vacation in the Netherlands.

Read more about Noordwijk Beach.

Katwijk, cozy beach resort near Leiden

Relaxing in Katwijk aan Zee

Katwijk aan Zee is a little different from its neighboring beach resorts.

It did not develop nightclubs or a crowded seaside boulevard. Instead, it became a cozy beach resort.

It can easily be reached from Leiden. By bus, car, rental bike or... take the boat!

Read more about Katwijk Beach.

Scheveningen, the grand lady of Dutch beaches

De Waag in Alkmaar

Officially part of the Hague, Scheveningen is the only city-beach in the Netherlands.

And as the Hague itself, it is a stylish resort. With a great boulevard, a pier, and lots of activities.

Read more about Scheveningen the Hague.

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