Scheveningen The Hague, the grand lady of Dutch Beaches

The former fishing village Scheveningen is now part of The Hague. And like this city itself, it has grown into the grand lady of Dutch beaches. The boulevard, the pier, and everything else is built with style.

View on Scheveningen The Hague

Scheveningen once was a little old fishing village. But starting in the 19th century, it transformed into a beach resort.

It's vicinity to The Hague attracted the high society of the city to come to the beach here.

So from the very start, it was clear that Scheveningen had to be a developed into a beach resort with style.

Over the years, Scheveningen grew and merged into the Hague. As a result, The Hague now claims to be the only big Dutch city with a beach.

The Kurhaus, eyecatcher of the boulevard

The Kurhaus at the boulevard in Scheveningen

As the popularity of Scheveningen beach grew in the 19th century, it was decided to build a large hotel. And it needed to be an impressive one.

In 1885, this resulted in the Kurhaus, a large hotel in Renaissance style. Burned to the ground in 1886, built completely restored and in full glory today.

The Kurhaus is without a doubt the main eyecatcher of the boulevard in Scheveningen.

Lots of activities on the Pier

The Pier with Ferris wheel and view over scheveningen and the Hague

Right across from the Kurhaus, a Pier was built into the sea in 1906. People from the Kurhaus could walk over a bridge to the pier, and on to a pavilion at the end.

In 1961 a new pier was built. This one contains a covered walking path, with an open walking path on top. 

After being used for many years, the pier got dilapidated, changed ownership several times, and was eventually closed down.

Luckily, a new consortium took over, and changed the pier into a lively place again. During our visit, we were surprised about the make-over it got.

Today, the pier contains a Food boulevard with excellent food (yes, we checked, check out the Moink balls on the BBQ!). There is also a nice Ferriswheel. And you can bungeejump from the tower.

Learn about life from the sea in Sea Life

Sea Life at the boulevard in Scheveningen

Along the boulevard, you can find other restaurants and shops. But there's another nice attraction to visit: Sea Life.

This nice little marine zoo shows you all the creatures from the sea. And from rivers and lakes too.

From stingrays to crabs, and from piranha's to clown fish. You can find them here. And don't forget the cute little otters.

Fun Sculptures for young and old

Playing with the sculptures on the boulevard

Further along the boulevard, there is another fun attraction. And this one is totally free.

Kids love the funny sculptures, large and small. You can pose with them, sit on them, climb on them. There are no limitations, the sculptures are strong enough.

This is the last interesting stop on the boulevard. But if you walk on, you will reach Scheveningen harbour.

Apart from the harbour itself, you can visit the Bunkermuseum here. It show how Scheveningen was evacuated in the Second World War, so that the Germans could build their Atlantic Wall.

Recommended Accommodations in Scheveningen

Interior of the Kurhaus

Grand Hotel Amrath Kurhaus

Obiviously, this is the the place to stay if you can afford it. Here, you will stay in style, at the center of all the action.

The Kurhaus has excellent service, great restaurants, and rooms with all the facilitites you need.

Check to see if it fits your budget!

Carlton Beach

Another nice hotel directly at the beach is Carlton. The rooms and restaurant here are excellent, and it has a swimming pool and sauna.

Patrick stayed in this hotel with his family, and the kids just loved it. There are lots of things to do, and it even features a Beach Club.

Check the availability of this great hotel

Have breakfast in the garden of Hotel Maurits

Family-run Hotel Maurits

A little farther from the beach, this cozy hotel is the best value for money in Scheveningen.

The different buildings of the hotel surround a nice peaceful garden. If the weather is nice, you can have breakfast in the garden.

There are different types of rooms to choose from, including family rooms.

Sea & Dunes Apartments

If you are looking for self-catered accommodation, there are many options in Scheveningen. But Sea & Dunes is one of the best.

It's only 3 minutes walk from the beach. It has spacious rooms with kitchenette, dishwasher, microwave, etcetera.

On the property you can play tennis and mini-golf. Or, just sit on the nice terrace.

Didn't find the perfect spot yet? Check out these other accommodations in Scheveningen The Hague

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